Electronic Access Account

  • Right for you if: 
    You want unlimited Internet and Mobile Banking 

  • The Electronic Access Account gives you checking privileges and unlimited electronic banking transactions for a low monthly fee. Enjoy:

  • Convenience and value: For only $5 a month1, you get unlimited electronic transactions, including ATMs, Internet and Mobile Banking, as well as the ability to shop with your ScotiaCard Mastercard Debit

  • Easy record keeping: Enjoy monthly statements

  • Fees and Terms


    $5 monthly fee


    Unlimited electronic debit transactions plus 1 branch debit


    Unlimited electronic transfers between accounts 

    Bank electronically as often as you like for just $5 per month1, using any of our convenient electronic channels — including Mobile and Internet Banking, ATMs, and by shopping with your ScotiaCard Mastercard Debit. Plus:

  • No charge for deposits

  • Checking privileges

  • Monthly statements for your records

  • Additional Information

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    Scotiabank's Automatic Savings Plan (ASP) can help you save for a specific goal over a period of time by making regular, automatic contributions on your behalf.

    An ASP automatically deducts a specified amount on a regular basis from your Checking or Savings Account, and deposits it directly into your destination account.

  • You can choose to invest weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually

  • Scotiabank will automatically transfer the money into the Scotiabank account you choose

  • You can change how much and how often you contribute at any time, or cancel the service by advising us in writing

  • By making regular contributions, you build your savings while earning a real return on the amount already contributed. As a result of this compounding, your portfolio has the potential to grow faster than if you made a single lump-sum contribution. 

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